Chocolate Chip Mini-Muffins, aka my addiction to Sally’s Baking Addiction

Moist, delicious chocolate chip muffins that are also good for you? Yes, please!

My goal with this blog is to share the recipes and food bloggers that help me to look like I’m a great cook. Sally’s Baking Addiction is in my list of top 10 favorite food bloggers, and definitely the best for any of your baking needs!

I found her a couple of years ago, when I wanted to make my father-in-law something special, and I was searching around the internet and came across her blog. I love that she is self-taught, also how well she explains the different methods of baking, measuring in an easy to understand way. Please check her out, the information there is so helpful, anyone can leave there with the basic knowledge that you need in order to be a successful baker at any level.

Baking really wasn’t my thing, I love to make meals, dinner especially. With Sally’s blog however, I have found great success and so many recipes, and I’m sure you will, too!

Please check out my video of Sally’s chocolate chip muffins below. You can make them any size, and I will provide the link for the full recipe here, so this way you can check out her blog. 

The only difference that I made was to add my Enrichables Pea Protein to the muffins. You absolutely cannot taste it, and it adds 3 grams of protein per scoop! I add this to everything, from macaroni and cheese, sauce, chili, muffins and smoothies. Even the pickiest eater can’t taste it, and there are a lot of picky eaters in my house!

Here is a link to the protein:

Here is a link to Sally’s amazing chocolate chip muffins:

Finally, here is my video. I am using an app that is new to me, I am hoping this looks okay.


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[…] You can learn more about Sally here, and you can also check out my first post about her blog, My Addiction to Sally’s Baking Addiction. My admiration has only grown since then, and I will ALWAYS recommend that you go to her blog for […]