Wednesday Before Thanksgiving Prep – Mushrooms and Potatoes

We are in the home stretch! It’s Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving and, if you’re following my recipes, we only have two more items to take care of for the prep today.

We need to chop our mushrooms for our three mushroom dressing, and put the mixture together.

Here is one of my first videos I made from last year for this stuffing, I do plan on remaking it but this gives you the general idea:

Last thing we have to do is to peel and dice our potatoes, then place in cold water until tomorrow when we make mashed potatoes.

That’s it, your prep work is complete! All that’s left is to put things together tomorrow, and of course put your turkey in the oven, lol. I really hope that these tips help you to have an easier time this Thanksgiving. Please let me know if I can help you in any way! I would love to hear any tips you have for your Thanksgiving prep. I hope you enjoy this time with your family and friends.

Tuesday Before Thanksgiving Prep -Sweet Potato Casserole, Gravy Base and Apple Pies

Just a couple days until Thanksgiving! Let’s begin today’s prep with a sweet potato casserole. This one is pretty easy, and it has just a hint of sweetness. You just need to peel and dice your sweet potatoes, boil them for about 20 minutes and drain.

Mash the potatoes and add two tablespoons sugar, 1/3 cup butter, 1/2 cup milk and two eggs that have been beaten. Once this cools, you can put this in a glass container or a zip top bag until Thanksgiving Day, when will top it and bake it. Easy peasy! Here’s my video from last year for this recipe:

Next is the gravy base. This goes with the pan gravy recipe below, and I do this today to save me from the extra work on Thanksgiving. For the gravy base, I first soak 1 oz of dried porcini mushrooms and two cups of hot chicken broth for about 20 minutes. I chop the mushrooms after I’ve strained them, and set them aside for the stuffing which I will work on tomorrow. I purchase an extra turkey neck and  fry that, along with some of the carrots onions and celery that I chopped yesterday. I add in one teaspoon dried marjoram, one half teaspoon dried thyme and one bay leaf plus the stems from flat leaf parsley. Once that has cooked, and is beginning to brown, I add in four cups chicken broth plus the reserved soaking liquid from the porcini mushrooms, and 2/3 cup Tawny port. Once this is cool I store in a container until Thanksgiving day.

Here is my video for the Pan gravy from last year:

Lastly, I make a few Apple pies. I’ll be releasing a new video hopefully for my cranberry apple pie, but I’m sharing below the recipe video for the glazed Apple cream pie, which is my absolute favorite! Here are a couple of photos of the apple cranberry pie I put together today.

With Streusel!

Here’s my Glazed Apple Cream Pie video:

That’s it for today! Let me know if you are doing anything Thanksgiving prep, or if you like to do everything the day of or maybe the night before. See you tomorrow!

Monday Before Thanksgiving Prep – Celery, Carrots, Onions and Stuffing

I had a late start today! Just started an hour ago, but most all of my prep for today is done. First, I chopped all of my onions. I definitely have extra which I will freeze for other recipes in the future. Depending on how many onions you have to prep for Thanksgiving, you might want to use one of the following methods. If you only have one onion, then maybe you just want to use a 5-inch Santoku Knife to give it a quick dice:

Or, you might want to use the Food Chopper, so that you won’t cry:

If you have a few, you might want to try out the Manual Food Processor, which is enclosed and also helps you not to cry:

If you’re like me, and you have 6-8 cups of onions to chop, you might want to use the Flex+ Multi-Prep Set:

I was able to do 8 cups of onions in just a few minutes!
Next, I diced my carrots using the Rapid-Prep Mandoline:

Since I had extra, I also sliced a bunch:

Finally, I chopped my celery again using the Flex+ Multi-Prep Set:

That’s it for chopping my veggies today!

Now I’m working on throwing together Evelyn’s stuffing, which I absolutely love. I’m working on the video as well, and will share with that with you when it’s done. I put the stuffing together up to the point where I bake it I’ll do that on Thanksgiving.

Doing these little prep jobs each day saves me from Thanksgiving stress on the day. I hope these tips help you as well!

Sunday Before Thanksgiving Prep – Biscuits, Cranberry Sauce and Turkey Gravy

Can you believe it’s the Sunday before Thanksgiving?! It’s here already, so let’s begin our Thanksgiving Day preparations.
Today I will Begin by making buttermilk biscuits, but freezing them before they are baked. Below is my video that shows you how to easily make your own buttermilk biscuits:

Next, I will make my cranberry sauce, which is another very easy recipe and will only take a few minutes to make, and by letting the flavors meld in the refrigerator over the coming days, your cranberry sauce will be delicious as can be! Here is my video for this recipe:

Meanwhile, I have been roasting my turkey legs:

Now we will use the drippings from the turkey legs to create an easy and delicious make-ahead gravy that will save you time Thanksgiving day:

That’s it! Today’s prep is done. See you tomorrow!!

Recipe links:

Buttermilk biscuits:

Cranberry Sauce: