Monday Before Thanksgiving Prep – Celery, Carrots, Onions and Stuffing

I had a late start today! Just started an hour ago, but most all of my prep for today is done. First, I chopped all of my onions. I definitely have extra which I will freeze for other recipes in the future. Depending on how many onions you have to prep for Thanksgiving, you might want to use one of the following methods. If you only have one onion, then maybe you just want to use a 5-inch Santoku Knife to give it a quick dice:

Or, you might want to use the Food Chopper, so that you won’t cry:

If you have a few, you might want to try out the Manual Food Processor, which is enclosed and also helps you not to cry:

If you’re like me, and you have 6-8 cups of onions to chop, you might want to use the Flex+ Multi-Prep Set:

I was able to do 8 cups of onions in just a few minutes!
Next, I diced my carrots using the Rapid-Prep Mandoline:

Since I had extra, I also sliced a bunch:

Finally, I chopped my celery again using the Flex+ Multi-Prep Set:

That’s it for chopping my veggies today!

Now I’m working on throwing together Evelyn’s stuffing, which I absolutely love. I’m working on the video as well, and will share with that with you when it’s done. I put the stuffing together up to the point where I bake it I’ll do that on Thanksgiving.

Doing these little prep jobs each day saves me from Thanksgiving stress on the day. I hope these tips help you as well!

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