Sunday Before Thanksgiving Prep – Biscuits, Cranberry Sauce and Turkey Gravy

Can you believe it’s the Sunday before Thanksgiving?! It’s here already, so let’s begin our Thanksgiving Day preparations.
Today I will Begin by making buttermilk biscuits, but freezing them before they are baked. Below is my video that shows you how to easily make your own buttermilk biscuits:

Next, I will make my cranberry sauce, which is another very easy recipe and will only take a few minutes to make, and by letting the flavors meld in the refrigerator over the coming days, your cranberry sauce will be delicious as can be! Here is my video for this recipe:

Meanwhile, I have been roasting my turkey legs:

Now we will use the drippings from the turkey legs to create an easy and delicious make-ahead gravy that will save you time Thanksgiving day:

That’s it! Today’s prep is done. See you tomorrow!!

Recipe links:

Buttermilk biscuits:

Cranberry Sauce:

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